UMS Institute is a leading Asia-Pacific B2B integrated services provider and organizer of top-level business events.
UMS Institute satisfies business executives from all over the world with the provision of know-how, skills, specialized insights into market needs or industry trends and exclusive client-centric Medias. We offer you the business intelligence to the world's leading management and their professionalism, furthermore the insight provides you with excellent opportunities of networking re-education and business development.
Customizing is the core value we pursue in UMS Institute.In this dynamic business world we deliver the premier level events to our clients in Asia Pacific and other regions.The great success we do the best to achieve is based on our constant research and keep mind open to all industry professionals.To bring business intelligence to our clients, we cooperate with our regular partners in the event industries: government bodies, top 1,000 companies, solution providers, associations, research centers, academic units and venue suppliers.

The Society of Oil&Gas Technology Alliance(OGT) is a global organization serves the members worldwide in the  upstream segment of the oil and gas industry. We identify and share best practices to achieve improvements in  every aspect of health, safety, the environment, security, social responsibility, engineering and operations. Our mission is to facilitate innovation, collaborative research and technology development, demonstration and deployment for a responsible global hydrocarbon energy industry. OGT encompasses most of the world's leading publicly-traded, private and state-owned oil & gas companies, industry  associations and major upstream service companies. We offer a unique opportunity to contribute to the profession  through our programs and activities and many of our accomplishments are driven by our dedicated members.


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